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A cloud environment with all
the tools for building your dApp

Cardano Node, DB-Sync, Ogmios with no setup. Ready to code workspaces on Haskell, Plutus, Rust, Python and others. Deploy your dApp as a Docker image. Move to self-hosted at any time.

All the Cardano infrastructure that you need in one place

Access to Cardano Node, DB-Sync, Ogmios and more to come! No setup required, create a project and get access to any of the tools.

A development workspace ready to start coding

Don't waste precious hours setting up Cabal, Nix, GHC, etc. Get a ready-to-use environment to start coding in Haskell, Plutus or any of the other available stacks.

Deploy your dApp without worrying about infrastrucutre

Build your dApp as a Docker image and deploy it to a production environment with everything you need to run your Cardano project.

Move to self-hosted at any time

We strive for a decentralized environment. At any moment, you can trigger the "eject" option and you'll get all the Terraform & Kubernetes scripts you need to switch to self-hosted infrastructure. No vendor lock-in, everything open-source under Apache 2.0 license.

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