Atlas Starter Kit

A starter kit containing examples illustrating various features of Atlas framework which is a haskell tooling to write off-chain code for on-chain smart contracts.

Atlas Logo

Atlas Examples Kit

Examples to illustrate usage of Atlas:-

  • bet-ref: ⚡ Learn how to leverage Atlas by building a complete end-to-end dApp, see it's tutorial here.
  • vesting: Dr. Lars illustrating Atlas, using his with favourite example, Vesting. See the walkthrough here.

To dive deeper into the Atlas implementation, see its Haddock.

Features of Atlas

Easily build transactions

Use an intuitive API to abstract away the complexity around building transactions, balancing UTxOs, and interfacing with Plutus smart contracts.

Leverage first-class Haskell

Avoid code duplication between on-chain and off-chain code, interoperate with advanced functionalities offered by IOG's Cardano/Plutus libraries, and easily convert between Atlas and Cardano/Plutus types.

Utilize modular data providers

Query ledger state information from Maestro, a local node or Cardano DB Sync. You can also build and contribute your own data provider!

Test extensively

Use Atlas' test harness to write realistic unit tests that correspond to on-chain behavior, and execute integration tests against cardano node in a private network.

Stay up to date

Benefit from Cardano's latest innovations such as Reference Inputs, Inline Datums and Reference Scripts.