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Managed services

Production ready infrastructure

With Demeter's managed services, you can simplify your development process and focus on your core business. Our scalable and reliable infrastructure offers a range of customizable solutions to meet your specific needs. Choose between shared or custom instances to optimize cost and performance.

Whether you're building a new dApp or scaling an existing one, we've got you covered. Plus, our deep expertise in Cardano infrastructure ensures that you'll have the support you need to succeed. Leave infrastructure to us and focus on building your product and growing your business.
Demeter - Cardano Kupo
Demeter - Cardano DB-Sync


Lower latency, complexity and costs

Supercharge your dApp's performance with Demeter's managed services and hosting. Our solution allows for easy deployment and scaling of Cardano dApps without the hassle of infrastructure management.

Whether you need backend hosting or full dApp hosting, our platform is built to handle your needs. With high availability and cost optimization, you can test prototypes or launch production-ready dApps with ease.

Join the growing community of successful web3 developers who trust Demeter for their hosting needs. Focus on building your product while we handle the infrastructure.
Demeter - Create container
Demeter - Create container

Integration testing

Iterate with confidence

Leverage Demeter's managed services to build robust dApps. Access Mainnet, Preprod, Preview, Hydra Node or a Custom Testnet to easily test and debug your applications.

When it comes to dApps on Cardano, integration testing can be particularly challenging, but Demeter's managed services and deep expertise in Cardano infrastructure make it a game-changer for developers. Test your dApps with confidence and accelerate your development process with Demeter.
Demeter - Cardano connected extensions
Demeter - Cardano nodes

Instant workspaces

No-setup VSCode environment in your browser

Workspaces does the infrastructure heavy lifting for you, no need to manually set up Cabal, Nix, GHC. Enabling you to focus on building your dApp.
Demeter - Cardano Workspace
Demeter - Cardano Workspace

Access Cardano Node

Workspaces runs inside a private network which has access to the Cardano nodes running on the same cluster. Each Cardano node in the cluster has its own local domain name that can be used to dynamically resolve its location.

Query the ledger state with DB-Sync

Workspaces offers a PostgreSQL instance running within the private network of the workspace that contains updated data from DB-Sync. It's as simple as picking your favorite PostgreSQL client library.

UNIX sockets and node-to-client protocols

Upon startup, the workspace automatically mounts the corresponding socket path of the cardano node into a fixed location within the file system.

Performance matters

RPC calls /day
Data queries /day
Tx Submit /day


A curated library of open source tools ready to be used in your projects in just a few clicks

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Starter kits

Example code repositories contributed by the community ideal for learning or as a starting point for your projects


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Ogmios TypeScript Client


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At Demeter, we believe in the merits of decentralization. No vendor lock-in. Eject your project into your own infrastructure at any time.